I have no idea for a title because this is all incoherent and I apologize if you haven’t understood any of it

I think I’m coming down with a cold. Oh well, first bit of disease I’ve had in months. Maybe it’s true, that talk about every cold virus you get being of a different strain, with resistance against said strain developing right after you come out of that cold. Maybe a thousand more bouts before I turn forty, and I could be comfortable for the succeeding years. Just goes to show how many viruses there are out, er, there.

No cold, however, trumps nocturnity.


Been living off whatever profits from small toy sales for the past week or so, just to support my collecting habits and frequent trips around the metro. Not bad, considering some pieces of my collection are literally gathering dust, and could use new owners. Funny when I think about how toys more or less paid for my last few dates. Oh well, time, as well as the things you use it on and the corresponding memories that result, is a currency in its own right too.


Went to the first job interview I’ve had in a while (three years, to be exact) last Wednesday. Feels strange to be on that side of a desk again, trying to justify stuff like strengths and weaknesses in front of somebody who, you hope, is trying to take note of all the significant things you say, and not the fidgety manner you say them in. Spent the rest of the day lounging around at said office, taking in all the gossip and whatnot between the people there, most of whom are friends recently gained.  Work work, as them orcish peons put it.


Just had to watch Pacific Rim on its first day. Hurriedly got tickets and kind of pressured Angel to be at Trinoma early enough. Thankfully, t’was a movie well worth its wait. I am now even more of a Guillermo del Toro fan than ever. Angel and I are considering watching it again on 3D, as it looks like a flick that would benefit a lot from that sort of treatment.


Joined the family to visit the funeral of a great-aunt a few hours ago. Everything was solemn and slightly depressing, in the way funerals are. Reminds me of my lolo’s funeral, which lola planned to be more like than a party than anything else, with good food and hearty conversation, punctuated with more laughs than the chapel behind Mt. Carmel Church’s walls would ever hear again. That is, of course, unless lola decides to have her own funeral there as well. Don’t worry, my lola’s waaay more candid than I am when talking about death, she’d probably even be amused with this if she could read it.


Reading some of my old posts on this blog, and wondering where and when I lost my nerve to write, where and when I lost that stream of words that would, at the right time, come tumbling forth into some crazy revelation, put into prose or verse. It has been too long.


Trying to make it a habit to purge these stray thoughts at least once a week. At the very least, it could get me back into my old habit. Still haven’t gone back to my old pen-and-paper days though, that will take even more time.

In the meantime: bum-bum-bum-buuuuuuum (or, to quote my cousin: funemployed)


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