time flies

The Expectation: Drop by Vinzon’s at 2pm, help a friend who needed interviewees for his thesis, go home, study until the next morning.

The Reality: Drop by Vinzon’s at 2pm, ride with friend and his friends to Vargas Museum, find out that it’s closed, walk to CAL, hang around and talk about comics, super robots and new anime series for several hours before he finally whips out the voice recorder, get interviewed about the usefulness of road signs, watch at a few kids dress one of their classmates up in rags, draw on him with markers, and take pics of him groveling around the forest (group project, obviously), walk to SC, hang around eating frenchfrieschickenshotssiomai until around 7pm before we finally entertain the idea of going home.

Life is easier when you make it so.

Oh well, back to reading.