thoughts between pages 9 and 10 of an outline

Thus endeth one of the most mentally grueling weeks you’ve had so far. And along with it, the realization that law school may be one of those things that changes your life in more ways than you’d even expect to expect.

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who went into law school with next to no idea of what he was getting into. I’m sure every one of us had our reasons back then, and those reasons may or may not necessarily be the same ones we have now. People make their commitments, both within and without the course. People find out just how much punishment their minds, hearts and egos can take. People find out just how painfully weak the flesh can be, no matter how willing the mind is. People find out how sleep is nothing but an eater of precious time. People find out just how long they can stay awake, utilizing all manner of methods in order to keep the brain going, absorbing, processing, analyzing, making sense of written words which so many past people claim to be unambiguous in their un-amended meanings.

As I write this, I am eagerly anticipating the greeting of yet another sunrise. And I realize that I am still not finished reviewing for my Persons exam, which I shall have to get back to lest I run out of time.


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