Little Enlightenments

(Instructions: Just as with the sound of one hand clapping, read one, and repeat it in your head over and over, until something “clicks” in your head, you “get” the phrase, or you come to a completely unrelated epiphany because that works too. Results may vary, after all.)

– The easiest way to reconcile religion with reality is to see money as means, not as an end.

– “Kapangyarihan” is potential; “Pangyayari” is kinetic.

– The young possess insight, the old possess experience.

– Writers regularly teeter between inspiration and discipline.

– Comfort is sought in hierarchies.

– The opposite of love is not hate, it’s fear.

-Some people distance themselves from reality to see God, some find God in reality.

-Couldn’t God have made the Big Bang happen? That way, everyone’s happy.