God is Everywhere; Let Me Hear Your Thoughts on This

(in reaction to CS Lewis’ thoughts regarding pantheism as unsuitable for Christianity’s God)

Is it not bit too contradictory to use humanity and human metaphors in order to distinguish God from us, and to rebuke the possibility of His existing as a fragmented yet omnipresent form of consciousness or will? The image of a someone with a human appearance holding up world in both hands seems such a medieval concept, one akin to images of Zeus, Thor and Lumawig smiting people with bolts of electric intervention.

Also, this separation connotes an extreme difficulty, if not an entire impossibility, of a complete union, as something to strive for, thus adding another degree of separation (pardon the pun; this is meant in all seriousness) between the individual and the omnipotent.

I am not claiming for the placement of man on a glorifying, self-idolatrous pedestal. I am just stating that we are human: as much as we value our ability to reason, putting God’s presence on the same level as ours, if not at least on a reachable one, is very empowering for humanity, in stark contrast to the guilt and self-persecution complexes that most religious thought systems have in common nowadays.


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