Thank God for Sunday afternoons.

Really, I mean, these are the only time of the week when I can allow myself to feel unburdened by any of the concerns which, er, concern me during every other day of the week. Yes, including Saturday, which seems to have fixed unto itself the role of the “geek-out day”, manifesting itself in a trip to Greenhills or some other nearby mall to check the newest toy releases and/or hang out with fellow toy collectors, a Magic: the Gathering tournament, a casual gaming session over at either Marikina or Ortigas (I can hear Mik’s voice now: “Casual gaming is a lie!”), a few drinks somewhere, or all of the above.

I’ve also noticed that Sunday is the day of the week when I feel most receptive to watching and reading about anything and everything nonstop for hours. This is the time when I catch up on the insane amount of movies, books and comics that I download, as well as an episode of a series I’m following scattered here and there.

Also, Sunday is one of the few days when I don’t like taking coffee. I imagine that I take too much of it during the weekdays as is anyway.


One of the things I can’t stand about Sundays, though, is how the Mondays creep under them in so quiet and so subtle a manner that next thing you know, it’s four o’ clock in the Monday morning and you haven’t finished fixing your lessons for the week. Immersing yourself in so much media, not to mention multimedia at that, can do that to you, I guess.

*argh ADHD blues again*

I’m just thankful, though, that there are times when my work doesn’t feel too much like work: those moments when your students are nice and responsive, not to mention in the mood to give you nice and insightful written output, and you become one with the teaching universe.


Before, one of my biggest dilemmas with reading was that I’d get saturated with one sort of material. It was always either a “literature” phase where I would be reading novel after novel or anthology after anthology, or an “scholarly” one where I would be reading essay after essay or article after article or dissertation after dissertation (because I’m nerdy that way). Nowadays, I’ve more or less put a discipline to the material of the books I read: balance, in the form of simultaneously reading one book from at least two of the three formats I take my reading seriously with (novel, scholarly, anthology). Nowadays, it’s tossed up between C. S. Lewis’ “Mere Christianity” for the scholarly work, and Arundhati Roy’s “The God of Small Things” (yes, yes, I’ll get around to finishing it soon so that I can start on “A Song of Ice and Fire”) as the novel. Hopefully I get more stuff finished more quickly this way.

Neil Gaiman told us to never stop reading, to never stop taking knowledge in, after all. I, for one, don’t plan to.


2 thoughts on “Sundazed

  1. For some reason I enjoy getting inside your head Teach. In a way it makes this time a little bit more interesting than it is and makes the post partum blues not so bad 🙂

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