Random Thoughts, or, Reinforcing My Motto of “You Learn Something New Every Day”

– “Oval” and “ovoid” both come from the Latin “ovum” (egg). Because eggs are “natural” ovoids.

– How paradoxical it is to know that our perceptions of “normal” are imposed upon us by a society that only has “can contribute as much as any other member of society” to cling to.

– TL:DR version: we’re all abnormal.

– Want to teach deductive reasoning? Have a debate. Want to teach inductive reasoning? Play Pinoy Henyo.

– According to our sociolinguistics class, a theoretically longest English sentence would be infinite in length, because our grammar rules permit the addition of every part of speech, phrase and clause into almost every little space before or after the sentence being modified, and even in between words, as long as they are arranged correctly (running-on be damned).

– Homework: find the seven parts of speech in the sentence above. TROLOLOLOLOLOL

– Tabby stripes come from a recessive trait. Plain black and plain white appear to be the dominant ones. Or maybe it’s just our cats.

– A disorder is only recognized as such when there is dis-order present, in the sense that you are not able to fulfill a role as a productive member of society… whatever that means (re-release this Kraken of a paradox!).

– The problem, I believe, with utilizing technology-based assessments in education, is that it ultimately dehumanizes things, which is something they receive enough of during their leisure time already. More on this on another day, though, as I believe it warrants more thought/s.

– “Blanketing” is really what smog does appear to do when it settles down right before sunset. It looks like chiffon, actually.

– Everything, from sitting down at school to going to a rock concert to playing a role-playing game to registering an account with a social network to having your car break down to watching a bad play to  counts a learning environment; the only question is whether or not it’s a good one.


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