(Because Facebook is not good reading anymore)

One of the things I have learned about myself with regard to the load of TEDtalks and RSAnimate videos about education we have been shown as part of teacher training is that I am a nostalgic, old-fashioned kind of person, in the sense that I believe in human-human interaction more than technology-human interaction, in humanization in lieu of the effectivity of dissemination. Along with these is, I believe, one of the answers to the world’s obsession with an easy-to-search world of wikis, online dictionaries and crib notes: long reading and long writing.

Like I said, I am the nostalgic sort of person, one who believes that there are so many skills involved in the art of translating thought into text. However, the form is slowly dying, crushed as it is beneath wave after wave of character limit-bound, ADD-riddled spontaniety (don’t get me wrong: spontaniety is good, but not if it’s the only thing there). I know, however, that there are still a lot of us who cling to the Old Ways: people who maintain a good old blog, writing the way old bloggers did before all these social networks came up and stuck the thoughts of so many people into one Wall (high five if you got the Game of Thrones puns here). People who go simultaneously cling to both the good old rules of grammar and to good old poetic license in order to produce good old writing (damn it, how many times have I written the word “old” so far?). People who eschew textspeak and unintentional jejemon (sad to believe that some people do not even know when they are and are not communicating in jejemon) in favor of clear and sometimes intentionally ambiguous language.

I know you people are out there. Let me (and everyone else who happens to come across this note) know.

TL:DR version: if you (still) have a blog and want people reading it, post it here.


3 thoughts on “Blogcall

  1. Hello, Franco. Here is my wordpress account for a book blog I’m striving to keep. The personal blog is I’ll have your blog in my blog roll. Orayt.

  2. Hello, Franco. Here is my wordpress account for a book blog I’m striving to keep. The personal blog is Happy blogging! Ps. I still have your Godfather DVD.

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